Pro2guard Launches Secure Digital Radio Assistance.

Investing in our Client’s security is a pivotal part of what we do at Pro2guard Security. We are continuously investing in technology to enable us to provide the best security services available to our retail Clients.

We make it a priority to design innovative systems which can assist our retail security officers while carrying out their duties. Pro2guard Security has therefore recently trialled a secure digital radio system licenced with Ofcom, on a fully secure channel throughout Leeds City Centre, for use in our retail Clients premises.

The Pro2guard radio system has been a huge success during the trial period, assisting our retail Clients and retail security officers in everyday security and also in emergency situations.

We are therefore pleased to announce that the system has been implemented as a standard addition to the retail security services provided to our Clients, in and around Leeds city centre and we are in the process of implementing the system to be used in other cities across the UK.

The system has been designed for the sole use of Pro2guard retail Security officers at our Clients premises and benefits both our Clients and our security officers in a number of ways.

Firstly our retail security officers are able to communicate in real time using the digital radios with one another between sites throughout the city centre, sharing information regarding the suspicious behaviour of individuals, counter terrorism information and any other security information that poses a security threat to our Clients and their premises.

Secondly, linking directly to our head office in the city means our Clients and Security Officers have instant support from our Operations team, should the need arise, for extra manpower or emergency support at all times.

Contact our team for more information regarding our radio support system and how we can assist you in protecting your staff, goods and retail premises.

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